Month: May 2018

Server issues

Server issues

UPDATE: 2018-05-25

Geth has been identified as the ultimate culprit by eating all available RAM causing the server to go to a crawl. I’ve switched the node to parity to fix the issue.

The change to parity as the main websocket thin client provider however has caused an error related to filters uninstall call in the RPC. Etherwall 2.2.3 has been released with a fix so parity can be used as the backend.

Syncing is still in progress. I will update the server status and remove the warning message when it’s done.

ORIGINAL: 2018-05-23

The main Etherwall server hosting both the services for thin client and this website is experiencing memory related issues atm.

The culprit seems to be geth itself taking up all RAM (32gb+) and causing OOM killer to kick in. The last long downtime might have been related to this issue as well.

Last server downtime caused a loss of recent DB data as well due to a hard reset. I’m currently trying to find out how to limit impact if geth decides to gobble up all the RAM again.

The DB data lost is related to the historic transactions requests. The DB is being rebuilt from scratch but historical transactions list will remain outdated for a few days.


Server down

Server down

The Etherwall server went down sometime around 13th May. I am currently out of country with no way of logging in.

I’m returning on Friday 18th and should be able to restart the service by then.

If you need to move your assets and use the thin client mode (default) here are your best options for time being:

  1. Switch to full node in settings and let geth synchronize on local machine (requires quite a lot of disk space and bandwith)
  2. Use another wallet and import the geth keys. You can export individual address geth keys from etherwall (if you disable thin client) or access them directly in the datadir folder

I’m sorry for this extended downtime but there’s nothing more I can do at this point. I’ll try to ensure that I always carry the ssh keys with me next time I travel out.