Author: almindor

Long Comming!

Long Comming!

Etherwall version 2.0.0 has been finally released!

This version brings a lot of exciting changes:

  1. Thin client support
  2. TREZOR ONE hardware wallet support
  3. Rinkeby testnet

Thin client means no more cumbersome downloads of 30GB+ for the ethereum blockchain! Anyone who wants to run a full node can do so of course but for most people this will be a great improvement saving both disk space and improving performance as Geth will no longer need to check all the blocks on your machine. For more info on the thin client mode see FAQ.

TREZOR ONE support, long on the wishlist, is now a reality. Just plug in your TREZOR ONE and go from there. For more info on TREZOR ONE support see FAQ.

The ethereum testnet has been very unstable. This release changes the testnet chain to rinkeby hopefully making it more useful. NOTE: testnet is only supported in full node mode.

This is a major version upgrade so everyone will be prompted to review settings on first start.

New home page

New home page

Etherwall home page is now using with WordPress directly on the main server. I’ve used weebly in the past and it was great for it’s nice in-line editor but it lacked functionality like proper SSL support.

Now that the page is 100% under my control I’ve put it under SSL permanently. Sorry about the delay for this important security milestone.

NOTE: the api endpoints were always behind SSL.