Etherwall is a free software project without any monetary gain. If you like Etherwall, please consider donating.

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Microsoft Windows

Download zip archive. Unzip to desired location and run Etherwall.exe.
SHA256: 13588c57e98f232e71b388424d31a3c071540451ad30bcff1bad82c2971a1b3b

Apple Mac OS X

Download and open dmg archive. Drag to applications.
SHA256: 88ebd018aeeedbbb7e11a315c0cfb67811ef87578b3a9163d453f4c0d70fe7f6

Arch linux

Download and build from AUR for Arch Linux
Download and build from AUR

Get the source on Github

Get the sources and build for your platform. Or better yet, contribute! Etherwall should be compatible with any platform that is supported by Qt5.
Get sources